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This is our 1988 Sunbird SE "Betsy". This is the car that will be having all the work done to it. Hopefully after this car is up and running you will catch it in the DFW area at local Autocrosses and eventually maybe some open track events.

This is our parts car an 1989 Sunbird GT. Pictured is the 2.5 exhaust and MSD ignition. We will be using parts of this motor and transmission in combination with what our 88 already has. It has some other things we will be swapping such as the front brakes which are newer bigger calipers and slotted rotors, steel braided brake lines,  shocks and struts, Power steering rack, sway bars, springs, intercooler, dash, gauges and some other odds and ends also.

This is the 1931 Model A Deluxe Roadster in our garage. It was Dusty's Grandfather's sad thing is it is at this point probably closer to running then our Sunbird all it is missing is some wiring for the lights and the engine. His grandfather built this car from the ground up, he got the frame and went from there.  We will probably be working on this project at a later date.

The story with our garage is it was Dusty's Grandfather's he use to be a diesel mechanic and this garage has just about every tool imaginable including more then a few that we don't have a clue what they are used for. His grandfather was some what of a pack rat and has parts to all kinds of cars ranging from Mustangs to Model A's and some other stuff in between.

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