March 6th
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Some pictures of Dusty's car at redline.

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Subframes = much stiffer car. Car isn't supported at all on the passenger side (I was lifting the rear) and it is still strait.

January 30th
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About a week ago we pulled the motor from the bug because it was knocking. Lucky for us it turned out to be the pressure plate backed itself out, easy fix. We also adjusted the front beam and lowered it down some. And just yesterday we drove the car a whopping 10 miles! (and nothing bad happened at all) May not sound like much but for a car that hasn't been driven in 15? years not bad for a maiden voyage. 
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Steve's motor of course is in his car now. Here are some pictures of the freshly painted engine bay and what we got done on the front end assembly as of last night, should be on the road very soon since he has pretty much everything needed to complete his new combo.
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December 22nd
Late on the updates again. Some old news, some new.

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While the carpet was still out I covered up the subframes, added some paint on sound deadener. The added material around the transmission tunnel has done a lot to keep out sound and heat. I also cleaned up the trunk it had some slight rust forming near two drain holes and sand/dirt had stopped water from exiting properly on the sides.
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Shortly after the carpet went back in I picked up some seats after making some brackets I got them in and installed! (Thanks to Acid Pete, Curtis, and Chris for helping with the welding.
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Stock balancer finally went out on me so I installed another in the process I messed up a aftermarket one I had bought. :( What a waste of money.

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Steve picked up a new motor finally. After I was able to find some parts for him as of today the motor is in the car should be running very soon. 

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Just a few older pictures of Dusty's stang. (send me some new ones focker)

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The bug is coming along nicely, we have gotten new rims and tires for it and thanks to some help from Dusty it has some great flames. Pending some electrical work, and seatbelts this thing will be on the road soon.

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Chris finally cleaned up his truck so I snapped some pictures of it for him. 

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